International Congress

Given the strategic nature of the maritime port industry, whose activities contribute to the development of the economies of the countries of the region, the GL events Chile group has scheduled the VII International Maritime-Port Industry Exhibition and Congress for Latin America, Trans-Port Santiago 2021, entitled “Digitalization and Sustainability: the Challenges of the Maritime Port Industry”, to be held between november 9 to 11, 2021. For 2021, we will use a hybrid format, face to face and virtual, using more and better technologies, having as main objective to comply with the highest sanitary standards issued by the national and international authority. The Trans-Port international congress will last three days and the main topics to be developed will be: digitalization and Logistics 4.0; Automation; Smart Port – Autonomous Ships; Cyber security; Community Builder; Application of IMO standards and results achieved to date. Likewise, we will have the presentation of the progress of the most important projects to be developed in Chile, such as the San Antonio Outer Harbor project and Terminal 2 of the Port of Valparaiso, among others. At the same time, we have considered a technical visit to the port of San Antonio to the facilities of DP World and San Antonio International Terminal (STI). The event considers the realization of business rounds tables, technical conferences and workshops. The latter related to cyber security in the maritime port industry and MARPOL 2020. The objective of Trans-Port 2021, is to find the biggest spaces of collaboration that serve to the purposes of the development of the Industry, summoning and gathering businessmen, suppliers and national, Latin American and world authorities, with the purpose of exchanging knowledge, experiences, technologies for the equipment and of solutions that the maritime-port operation requires.

Valparaíso, Chile

VIII International Exhibition and Congress of the Maritime and Port Industry for Latin American