Puerto Las Losas stands out as a preferred option for loading and unloading of bulk cargo and NCRE projects from the Atacama region

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Puerto Las Losas (PLL), a CAP Group terminal located in Huasco, is consolidating its position as the main multipurpose port in the Atacama region, providing services to multiple stakeholders. Only during the third quarter of 2022, the port terminal has attended the loading and unloading of different project and bulk cargo vessels. “At the beginning of 2021 we implemented a new bulk transfer system, an investment that has allowed us to generate greater efficiency, always with the highest standards of quality and safety,” said Mario Ríos, general manager of Puerto Las Losas. The new bulk transfer system consists of a system of fixed and mobile belts and a telestack ship loader. The investment, close to US$ 11.5 million, allows Puerto Las Losas to ship a volume of up to 1.9 million tons per year of bulk minerals consisting of basic pellets, pellet feed and iron concentrate. Strategic Port Puerto Las Losas (PLL) is a strategic port for CAP, with an important potential for development and support for the logistics of the entire group, and especially as a multipurpose terminal with a fundamental role in the development of the Atacama region and the country. The company is constantly working to find operational solutions for new customers, as well as in the national positioning of the port located in Huasco “as an important player in the port industry and, undoubtedly, active support for the development and opportunities of our community of Huasco,” said the General Manager of Puerto Las Losas. The executive adds that “Puerto Las Losas is projected into the future with optimism. Its certifications and its vocation to be a port of entry and exit of different products, from fruit or minerals, to mega structures, such as trains or wind turbines for renewable energy projects, makes its workers proud and enhances its leadership and excellence in the service of the region and the country. More information at www.puertolaslosas.cl and www.cap.cl

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