TRANS-PORT introduced Franco Brzovic as President of International Congress

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EPSA President said the themes of the meeting will focus on Digitization and Sustainability The helmsman of Puerto San Antonio, Franco Brzovic, was presented as the new president of the International Congress of TRANS-PORT 2021 to be held between August 31 and September 1, in parallel to the exhibition of the maritime-port industry. On the occasion, Franco Brzovic referred to the industry scenario and stated that more than 80% of Chile’s foreign trade cargo is moved by ships and that this scenario is not expected to change given the state of development of other means of transport such as air or rail, which highlights the importance of maritime transport, not only for Chile, but also for the countries of the region that are far from the world’s large consumption centres, as is the case, for example, of Asia. At this point, the recently assumed president of the Congress emphasized that the region must be at the forefront and in this context is that the International Congress will bring us up to date and stressed the need to incorporate technologies and do it through sustainable policies. Franco Brzovic stated that “addressing technological issues such as digitization in the maritime-port business in the context of the International Congress Trans-Port 2021 is central, since beyond catching up, we must be aware that we are in a historic moment moving in a collaborative economy”. And he added that “beyond copying initiatives or solutions, we must be smart to imitate the good and adapt it to the circumstances of our countries and our realities”. Franco Brzovic also argued that “as authorities, we must advance in the generation of public policies that are sustainable with a vision of the future. In this context, the Trans-Port 2021 International Congress also offers us the opportunity to learn about this type of successful experiences. That is why I have gladly accepted this nomination as president of Trans-Port 2021 because I am convinced that both the chosen topics and the way in which the event will be developed will allow all the participants, among executives, professionals, organizations and countries, to increase our knowledge and contact networks, especially with those markets with which we are connected at a business level”. He also said that during the Congress “successful experiences” in the field could be addressed and, in addition, there will be not only actors of the maritime-port industry from Latin America, also from Europe and Asia-Pacific. Trans-Port manager, Katherine Becker said that “the appointment of Franco Brzovic as president of the Congress is very important for the convening of the major industry players to share their analysis and experiences of how to make this sector increasingly sustainable along with analyzing the lessons learned from the health crisis as a result of Covid-19 that Chile and the world is experiencing”. The project manager detailed that the congress “Digitalization and Sustainability: the Challenges of the Maritime-Port Industry” will be held on August 31 and September 1, 2021 at CasaPiedra in Santiago in parallel to the exhibition in which more than 15 countries are expected to participate, with experts from the public and private sectors. It should be noted that the event aims to contribute to the development of the economy by bringing together entrepreneurs, suppliers, Chilean and Latin American authorities in an event where knowledge, experiences and technologies will be exchanged. In fact, it is expected to bring together more than 50 exhibiting companies and is expected to convene close to 1,500 visitors. In addition, the International Congress will specifically address the following topics: Digitalization and Logistics 4.0; Community Building; Automation – Smart Ports – Autonomous Vessels; Twin Digital Ports; Smart Containers; Standardization of Data Processing; Deployment of Hydrogen as a Bunker; Cybersecurity; Sustainability of the Logistics Chain; Blockchain; Application of IMO standards and results achieved to date; Challenges, opportunities and best practices; Development of port projects and their relationship with the environment. Image: Maritimo Portuario

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