Dutch companies express interest in collaborating with Chile in the port-logistics chain

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9 Dutch companies visited Chile the week of September 26-30 to meet with key players in the country’s port-logistics industry. The mission was part of the recently launched “Partners in Business” program, which seeks to foster collaboration between the Netherlands and Chile on sustainable ports and smart logistics, including a chapter on green hydrogen, and relying on the synergy between private partners, members of academia and the public sector. The mission included participation in the Trans-Port fair, where companies had the opportunity to present their services and the relationship with the Netherlands’ vision of the maritime future. Also within the framework of TransPort, and in conjunction with the Port of Valparaiso, the Embassy of the Netherlands organized the workshop “Ports of the Future”, in which about 30 stakeholders participated, including members of the port logistics chain of Valparaiso and Dutch entrepreneurs. “Ports of the Future” is a role-play aimed at raising awareness of the current challenges of port policy formulation and development, in order to support stakeholders in achieving sustainable development. “The Netherlands believes it is important to take immediate action, urgently and collectively, to leave a strong legacy for today’s generations and those to come. Our message, “The maritime future is today. Let’s build it together!” is an invitation from the Dutch maritime sector to all its international partners to join forces and change course towards a sustainable economy. And in doing so, unleash the full potential of healthy and productive oceans and inland waterways,” explains Carmen Gonsalves, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Chile. Chile is a reliable collaboration partner, and like the Netherlands, has an open economy and embraces the benefits of multilateralism in the area of economic cooperation and international trade. In addition, both countries have ambitious goals in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals. This visit of Dutch companies is a further step in the joint collaboration of our two countries.

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