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Indra highlights the value of digitization to increase efficiency in Chilean ports

Indra will participate in Trans-Port 2022, the VIII Congress and Exhibition of the Maritime-Port Industry for Latin America, an event that will bring together the main companies and authorities of the maritime port sector in Chile [...]

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MSC Chile will be present at Trans-Port 2022

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company is a leader in container shipping and integrated logistics services with a presence in 155 countries. [...]

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Digital Transformation in the port industry: Gtd presents traceability technology for tomorrow’s challenges

Gtd, a telecommunications and IT services company with more than 40 years of experience, has an ecosystem of high-level collaborators, which allows it to make available to the industry a complete portfolio of services, whose implementation aims to find the greatest potential of each business to direct the work of adaptation in a sustainable manner. [...]

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Puerto Las Losas stands out as a preferred option for loading and unloading of bulk cargo and NCRE projects from the Atacama region

Puerto Las Losas (PLL), a CAP Group terminal located in Huasco, is consolidating its position as the main multipurpose port in the Atacama region, providing services to multiple stakeholders. [...]

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Trans-port will have a professional team to hold successful yearly events.

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VIII International Exhibition and Congress of the Maritime and Port Industry for Latin American