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Trans-Port 2023 is committed to inter-company dialogues to build the digital and decarbonization standards necessary for a sustainable maritime, port and logistics ecosystem.

Publicada: Tuesday 28 de March del 2023

Editorial Rodrigo Lobo, Executive Director Trans-Port 2023 Santiago, March 2023

Editorial Rodrigo Lobo, Executive Director Trans-Port 2023 Santiago, March 2023 I am pleased to welcome you aboard the IX International Maritime – Port and Logistics Congress of Foreign Trade for Latin America, Trans-Port 2023 “Net Zero – Digital: Building new standards for a transport and foreign trade ecosystem”, which this year organizes and produces FISA GL-Events in the renovated Metropolitan Santiago space in the capital of Chile, and which will be held on Wednesday, July 26th. The IX International Maritime – Port and Logistics Congress of Foreign Trade for Latin America promotes the generation of business and networking between the different actors of the value chain of transport and foreign trade, which contributes to the development of regional economies, bringing together entrepreneurs, suppliers and Chilean and Latin American authorities in an ideal place to exchange knowledge, experiences and new technologies that move the multimodal logistics and trade of goods and services. Along with the exhibition, we will conduct a full program of Inter-company Dialogues focused on analyzing trends and challenges post pandemic and new competitive standards to incorporate digitalization and decarbonization initiatives in the shipping industries, ports, terminals, logistics zones and multimodal logistics services for foreign trade, which will be complemented with technical talks by world reference experts which will be commented by a select group of representatives of the public and private sector. At the same time, the participating companies will develop a complete program of Technical Conferences, whose topics will cross with those addressed in the Congress, under a technical and specific look that complements the area of application and knowledge of the industry. As the world seeks to boost economic and trade recovery in the post-pandemic era, more resilient and efficient supply chains will be required, and whose answer is a new competitive approach to multimodal services, where the maritime-port and foreign trade logistics industries are called to complement and integrate under new standards of operational predictability, digital and intelligent multi-platform interconnectivity, decarbonization and environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and inclusion for all. The agreements reached in the Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) to digitize its Bill of Lading (BL) documents by 2030 represents an important step in the resilience and efficiency of the container shipping chain. However, achieving this ambitious goal will only be possible if the entire value chain is on board, including the commitment of everything from cargo generators and logistics agents, to governments, financial institutions and insurance agencies. We thank our sponsors, sponsors and collaborators for trusting us again. We hope to have a wide participation of representatives of the value chain of foreign trade, logistics and transportation in this new version of Trans-Port 2023, which expects to break attendance records, generate business and strengthen the networks of an industry in constant dynamics and evolution. Cordially, Rodrigo Lobo, Executive Director Trans-Port 2023