The urgency in the adoption of digital standards in times of pandemic

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Press Trans-Port 2022 –

By Rodrigo Lobo, Executive Coordinator Trans-Port
Corporate Affairs Manager GL events Chile Group

First of all, I would like to send a fraternal greeting and a message of hope to all those men and women who are part of the maritime and port industry! We leave behind a complicated 2020 in terms of health emergency and that still continues to cause important effects on the operation of our maritime-port industry, but which also leaves us with a great task ahead, such as accelerating the economic recovery in all the countries of our Latin American region.

The VII International Congress and Exhibition Trans-Port 2021 is committed to being the first major event of the post-pandemic port maritime industry that will allow us to meet physically in the city of Santiago de Chile, giving rise to a necessary dialogue and making known the latest efforts and advances in matters of Digitalization and Sustainability in which maritime, port, customs authorities and ministries have been working, in addition to the entire private sector related to maritime transport, port services, integral logistics; and finally a set of service providers for the industry in terms of state-of-the-art equipment, information systems and consultancies.

From the positive side of the pandemic, we can highlight the urgency of digitization and the importance of collaboration between industries to accelerate the acceptance and adoption of digital standards. At the event we will be able to learn about the different efforts of both authorities and the private sector to manage this digital transformation and the associated change management.

In turn, the growing environmental pressures and city-port integration, as well as paradigm shifts such as the circular economy and the full integration of women in the industry, will have a special treatment throughout our Trans-Port 2021 event.

This delivery of the Trans-Port 2021 Newsletter allows us to welcome you to show how we are preparing to offer you an event of the highest level and exhibition experience, which will bear the seal and prestige of FISA by GL events, who have a Joint experience of more than 150 years in congresses and national and international fairs, the first of which was in 1869 with the first agricultural and livestock fair of the National Society of Agriculture SNA.

In this installment we present the interview of Franco Brzovic, Chairman of the International Congress and also president of the Board of Directors of the San Antonio Port Authority. It addresses different aspects and measures that the Port of San Antonio has been addressing in the last period, such as its successful tender for the Bulk Terminal and the agreement with its concessionaires to expand the transfer capacity. One of the aspects that stands out is the mandate as a State policy to develop a new infrastructure called the Outer Port, which will involve more than US $ 3.5 billion of investment.

Also in this delivery we welcome as Sponsor of the event the technology company Webb Fontaine, whose single window solutions, e-customs and Port Community System-PCS are operational in more than 20 countries globally and where the Latin American region will play an important role in its future developments.

We cordially invite you to visit our website and find out about all the news and activities prior to the event, and also to be part as an assistant or sponsor of this important meeting for the Latin American maritime-port industry.

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