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Volcan presents Chancay Park, a “world class” industrial logistics complex, at Trans-Port 2021

Publicada: Thursday 14 de October del 2021

Volcan and its Chancay Park project are already part of the Trans-Port 2021 community, the Exhibition and VII International Congress, which will be held between November 9 and 11, 2021 at CasaPiedra Santiago de Chile,

Volcan and its Chancay Park project are already part of the Trans-Port 2021 community, the Exhibition and VII International Congress, which will be held between November 9 and 11, 2021 at CasaPiedra Santiago de Chile, and will address the main trends, initiatives and projects of the maritime-port industry and foreign trade in Latin America, and whose central theme is “Digitization and sustainability: Challenges of the maritime-port industry” Volcan Compañía Minera is a Peruvian company with more than 75 years of experience in the mining industry dedicated to the exploration and exploitation of minerals, as well as the commercialization of their concentrates. It has more than 354 thousand hectares of mining concessions, eight operating mines, six concentrator plants and a leaching plant; it also participates in the energy sector with hydroelectric plants, transmission lines and in the transportation sector through a 40% stake in the Chancay port project. In this sense, Volcan is a diversified mining company, a world leader in the production of zinc, lead and silver and committed to the development of Peru. In recent years, the Lima-Callao strategic hub has shown high levels of congestion. Faced with this problem, Volcan decided to start the integral and sustainable development of the port-industrial node of Chancay, 78 km from Lima and with direct access to the Pan-American highway, in order to position it as a great strategic ally of Callao and as a space of logistics, industrial and technological quality to promote the industrial and foreign trade sector of Peru, and configure an advanced innovative axis with Lima, to reinforce its leading position in the South American Pacific. In 2019, Volcan formalized the entry of the Chinese company Cosco Shipping Ports Limited (CSPL), a world leader in port management, in the development of the Chancay Multipurpose Port Project, incorporating this strategic partner for the project with a 60 % stake, Volcan maintains the remaining 40% ownership. The next stage in the development of the port-industrial node began with the planning of the Chancay Industrial Logistics Complex (“Chancay Park”) project, the ideal complement to the Chancay port. This industrial logistics complex is an ecosystem of companies, in which the different industries and services coexist, interact and establish synergies to achieve a qualitative leap in terms of diversification, competitiveness and innovation, incorporating environmental aspects as well. Chancay Park is a “world class” project, a reference for Peru and all South America. A project that integrates and surpasses the conventional concepts of logistics parks, industrial parks and free zones, to become a true logistics-industrial and service “city”, with a strong social focus and environmental preservation that will allow it to become a legacy for future generations. The Chancay Industrial Logistics Complex is located in a strategic place, surrounded by agricultural fields, with excellent infrastructure of roads that connect the project with the main distribution points, and with an integrated multifunctional vocation, to include logistics, industrial areas, service complexes and technology and residential areas. It is mainly oriented to international commercial investments, but also to complement the limitations of the current industrial structure of the Lima-Callao area. The industrial logistics complex will work directly with the new port of Chancay in the storage and distribution of national and international exporting companies in Peru and will have a gross area of 843 Ha which will be divided into: (i) logistics zone, (ii) industrial zone, (iii) commercial zone, (iv) residential zone, (v) amenities, and (vi) green areas. The logistics zone will include 59 Ha of marketable land, while the industrial zone will have 199 Ha of marketable land. Projects such as Chancay Park, which are to be developed over several years and in various socio-economic frameworks of international trade, require a high degree of flexibility. Its planning must be able to adapt, phase to phase, to the requirements of uses and activities, lot typology, connectivity and services that shape the market, both global and Peruvian. The planning of Chancay Park, in this regard, has been conceived with flexibility for: • Allocation of primary uses and activities at each stage of development: logistic, industrial, commercial, services, residential, etc. • Ordering of circulation and connectivity according to the impacts and needs of Chancay Park as a whole. • Development of unit aggregation for the various developers, each of which can implement their own control and security system. • Development that allows for custom-controlled zones. • Lots that can be adapted into different product typologies depending on market demand. • Central zone distributions as a function of demand. The Trans-Port 2021 community officially welcomes Volcan and its Chancay Park project, which will surely be an interesting investment alternative for institutional participants who will be present at the VII Congress and Exhibition in Santiago de Chile