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Trans-Port ends with a positive balance: The next maritime-port meeting is announced for 2023

Publicada: Friday 30 de September del 2022

Two days of the VIII International Congress “Driving the New Generation Maritime-Port Industry”, organized by Fisa, were held in Valparaiso.

Two days of the VIII International Congress “Driving the New Generation Maritime-Port Industry”, organized by Fisa, were held in Valparaiso. Trans-Port 2022, the main meeting of the maritime-port industry in Chile, which was held for the first time in Valparaíso, specifically at the Puerto Valparaíso Passenger Terminal, ended this Thursday, September 29, after presenting a rich program focused on innovation and digitalization. The Congress was attended by 50 speakers from 10 countries in the Americas and Europe, both from the public and private sectors, with extensive experience and expertise in the maritime port world. The executive director of Trans-Port, Rodrigo Lobo, said that “we are happy to have held this new version 2022, which allowed us to meet again in person, delivering for the first time this meeting independently, highlighting the importance of the development and innovation of maritime-port logistics, with a large portfolio of exhibitors and a significant participation of visitors”. He also indicated that “in the context of public policies, Trans-Port 2022 served as a showcase to disseminate advances in digital transformation from maritime, foreign trade, port and transport authorities. The meeting closes this year with the participation of 1,800 visitors, who learned about digital transformation, technological development, and strengthening the sustainability of the maritime port world. These topics are the key to advancing the capabilities of the industry with an eye to the future.” In the exhibition and discussion of the congress, which featured 6 panels spread over two days, relevant topics for the industry were analyzed, such as the next generation of decarbonization and transport infrastructures; the port and maritime supply chain; and hyperconnectivity and emerging technologies. Among the outstanding panels were “Closing the circle of sustainability without giving up economic and social wealth”; “Intelligent integration of infrastructure, technology and processes to create a predictive, more efficient and productive logistics chain”; “Public policies that drive new generation ports”; “Ports as innovation hubs: an opportunity to trigger economic growth in the territory”; and “Operational standards and skills as drivers of innovation”. The program of international talks, linked to the present and future of the industry, sought to contribute to the economic development of the participating countries, providing solutions for the correct maritime-port operation. TRANS-PORT 2023 In view of Chile’s role in the maritime port industry, the event succeeded in promoting innovation in the field, providing tools for its development in the country, and contributed to the relationship between companies, boosting the creation of direct and indirect jobs that are produced around the fair. In this context, and in view of the importance of the meeting at regional and national level, Rodrigo Lobo announced the new 2023 version. “Today, at the culmination of the largest international congress in the country, and after having the participation of high authorities such as the Minister of Transport and Communications, Juan Carlos Muñoz and the regional governor of Valparaiso, Rodrigo Mundaca, we can say that Chile will be able to continue growing strongly and offer an important development at local and international level. This is why we are announcing the future version of Trans-Port, inviting everyone to participate in 2023”. The event organized by FISA, of the GL events Group, expects to continue delivering international fairs and congresses, seeking to boost trade, create jobs, and be a contribution to the economic reactivation of the country through new businesses and the interconnection between the various economic areas, both nationally and internationally.