Trans-port 2022 accompanied the launching of the Gender Equity Study in the maritime-port industry.

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The most important exhibition of the chilean maritime-port industry to be held in Valparaiso from September 27 to 29, 2022, was present at the event that brought together the entire chilean port community to deliver the results of the Gender Study on Tuesday June 28 in Santiago de Chile. With the participation as guest of the Executive Director of Trans-Port 2022, Mr. Rodrigo Lobo, the presentation of the results of the “Study of Gender Equity in the Maritime-Port Industry in Chile” was held at the premises of the Universidad de los Andes, before government authorities, executives of companies in the industry, representatives of unions of port companies, professionals and workers in the sector, and academics and students. Its authors are Dr. Rosa González and Dr. Andrés García, professors at the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences of the Universidad de los Andes, and Daniella de Luca, an academic at the School of International Business of the Universidad de Valparaíso. A salary gap of almost 11 percent between women and men working in the maritime-port industry, but which is reduced to 6.37% when comparing people in the same socio-demographic and working conditions, determined a research led by academics from the Universidad de los Andes and Universidad de Valparaíso. At the time of the conclusions, Professor García commented that it is confirmed that “the sector is masculinized; even in equal conditions, a significant gap in remunerations is observed, which grows as the experience of the workers increases; women declare a greater affectation by negative aspects and discriminatory treatment, a greater sacrifice of their personal and family life, a lower knowledge of protocols, and the perception that there is a lower implementation of business practices with a gender approach”. The research group finally delivered recommendations, including “encouraging the incorporation of more women, especially in sectors where they are underrepresented; seeking greater equity in career development; reviewing remuneration; creating information campaigns and programs so that women know better what to do in a situation that affects them; generating protocols with a gender approach; implementing business practices in gender equality; and that companies become certified in the Nch3262-2012 standard for the management of gender equality and the reconciliation of family and personal life with work.” At Trans-port 2022 the participation of women will be key in a series of presentations that will address topics related to the transition of the maritime-port industry to green energy and decarbonization, the importance of standards and solutions for complex systems, sustainable and innovative port transformation, and the analysis of the infrastructure and efficiency crisis of global supply chains. Source:

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