Trans-Port 2022, the main maritime port meeting of the country arrives this Tuesday in Valparaiso

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The international congress and exhibition will be a space for commercial exchange and the analysis of the most relevant strategic matters of the sector, where the challenges, conflicts and solutions for the development and optimization of the industry will be analyzed. This Tuesday, September 27, Trans-Port 2022, the most important international maritime and port congress and exhibition in Chile arrives for the first time at the Puerto Valparaiso Passenger Terminal, with a program focused on innovation in the industry. In its new version, the international congress entitled “Driving the Next Generation Maritime-Port Industry”, will develop a full program of international lectures, linked to the present and future of the industry, seeking to contribute to the economic development of the participating countries, among which are considered Germany, Norway, England, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, United States, Argentina and Peru, in addition to Chile. The meeting, which will bring together the main actors of the sector, will allow the exchange of knowledge, experiences, presentation of technologies and equipment, and solutions for the correct maritime-port operation. It will also be attended by leading authorities in the industry, including the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Juan Carlos Muñoz, who will participate as honorary president of the event. Rodrigo Lobo, executive director of Trans-Port, indicated that “this meeting will begin next week and will be a collaborative space for the relationship between companies, the analysis and solution of current conflicts. We will have an international congress with more than 50 speakers from 10 countries of America and Europe with great trajectory and experience in the maritime port world, and that we know will provide key data to promote the development of the industry, thinking about the future”, he added. PANELS AND TALKS As for the topics that have been arranged for exhibition and discussion at the congress, they include the next generation of decarbonization and transport infrastructures; the port and maritime supply chain; and hyperconnectivity and emerging technologies. This year, Trans-Port will open its international congress with the keynote address “Sustainable and Resilient Transport and Trade Facilitation in Times of Pandemic and Beyond: Key Challenges and Opportunities”, delivered – telematically – by Jan Hoffmann, leader of Trade Logistics at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Subsequently, in the second keynote address, the executive director of the Port of Long Beach (USA), Noel Hacegaba, will address the topic “Logistics and Energy Efficiency Challenges at U.S. West Coast Ports”, providing a new perspective. In addition, executives from firms in Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and Chile will develop the thematic panel “Closing the circle of sustainability without giving up economic and social wealth”, giving space for discussion and analysis with questions from the audience. Continuing the congress agenda, and moderated by Barbara Allendes, HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, the panel “Intelligent integration of infrastructures, technology and processes to create a predictive, more efficient and productive logistics chain” will open, exploring the best proposals for the organization and coordination of the movement of goods, storage and management of locations in warehouses, production and distribution centers, as well as the synchronization between internal and external transport operations of products. Other topics of interest to be covered at the congress include: -Public policies driving new generation ports. -The European Agenda 2030 for maritime and port transformation. -Ports as innovation hubs: an opportunity to trigger the economic growth of the territory. -Operational standards and training as drivers of innovation. -From use cases to business cases. How to develop a hyperconnected port. -From disruptive technologies to disruptive business. Meeting the needs of smart ports. -Global status and progress of women’s collaborative networks in the maritime-port industry. -The path of ports and foreign trade towards widespread implementation of gender equity policies. Trans-Port expects to be an impulse that will help boost trade, create jobs and contribute to the economic reactivation of the country through new businesses and the interconnection between the various areas of the maritime port sector, both nationally and internationally. The event, organized by FISA, of the GL events Group, has the support of the companies Puerto San Antonio and Puerto Valparaíso, main sponsors of the meeting. INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION In parallel to the congress, the meeting will feature a fair that will be deployed in 2 thousand square meters of exhibition, where more than 35 exhibitors and sponsors representing more than 15 countries will participate, bringing together in one place the supply and demand of the maritime-port industry. In view of the need for growth of the maritime-port industry, the international meeting will be a meeting point between supply and demand of the industry, creating spaces to establish business relationships and networking, as well as providing opportunities for innovation and development of the sector.

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VIII International Exhibition and Congress of the Maritime and Port Industry for Latin American