Official launch of the Trans-Port and U de los Andes Study “Competitiveness and Management of the port logistics chain” together with the main Chilean port communities.

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Tuesday June 22, 2021 and with the presence of representatives of the port communities of Mejillones, Antofagasta, Caldera, Coquimbo, Valparaíso and San Antonio, the Kick-off or start of the planned activities of the joint study between Trans-Port 2021 and the Universidad de los Andes of Chile, called “Competitiveness and Management of the Port Logistics Chain”, which will take place between the months of July and August of this year, and whose main results will be presented at the Trans-Port event of the next November. The objectives of the Study include sharing in an academic and practical way the components of the Comprehensive Model of Competitiveness and Management of Port Logistics Chains; develop a strategic application to the reality of each participating port; and analyze the challenges of operational continuity in the face of disruptive events such as COVID and other variables facing the maritime-port industry in Chile today. Mr. Rodrigo Lobo, Manager of the fairs group (Trans-Port) of GL events Chile Group, was in charge of opening the meeting with words of welcome to the representatives of the six port communities that will participate in the Study. “This initiative is part of the actions prior to the Trans-Port 2021 Event in November, and which connect us in a practical way with the Chilean maritime-port industry. We hope to disseminate the main results of this study, which will undoubtedly be a step forward in identifying opportunities and gaps for improvement in the local and national port logistics chain”, said the executive. On the other hand, Dr. Rosa Gonzalez, professor of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences from the Universidad de Los Andes Chile, commented the scope of the study in each port community. The program consists of two stages: The first includes a four-week training workshop with weekly sessions where aspects such as: the competitive context of the global maritime-port industry will be addressed; the logistics management components applied to the maritime-port value chain; Case studies and best practices; Analysis of disruptions and their impact on the operational continuity of foreign trade and port business; and Evaluation of the degree of implementation of best practices in a specific port reality. The second part of the study, lasting two weeks, will allow participants from each port community to evaluate elements of competitiveness and management of their own port reality. The study expects to have a participation per port community of between 40 to 100 people, reaching a total of about 300 professionals and officials from the various organizations and companies that make up the port logistics chain of the ports under study. Registration for the training workshop will be open until Wednesday, July 7 in each port community. The start of the sessions is scheduled for the week of July 12, 2021 and for those participants who comply with the attendance and surveys, they will be given their corresponding certificate of participation.

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