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Camae Executive Director: Trans-Port allows sharing of each nation’s progress in port digitalization and sustainability

Publicada: Thursday 1 de April del 2021

The executive director of the Maritime Chamber of Ecuador (Camae), Vice Admiral Milton Lalama, sponsoring institution of the next version of Trans-Port

The executive director of the Maritime Chamber of Ecuador (Camae), Vice Admiral Milton Lalama, sponsoring institution of the next version of Trans-Port to be held in Chile on August 31, 1 and 2 September, spoke with the organization of the exhibition and referred to the current view of the maritime port industry in the region and the challenges that the new version that brings together the sector will have. How do you see the maritime port sector in the region? There are two important events that have taken place in recent years that have had an impact on the region’s port systems. The first is the Expansion of the Panama Canal, which forced ports -especially on the west coast of the Pacific- to modernize their infrastructure; the implementation of equipment, machinery and deepening of channels to receive larger ships, with greater technology, in order to meet the challenges of this significant change. The second event of transcendental importance that forced major changes in the maritime port activity was the Coronavirus pandemic, which forced in an accelerated manner to make changes or implementations in the processes of all the actors of the logistics chain, with the purpose of keeping the region’s foreign trade afloat. Specifically in Ecuador, improvements were made in the following areas: the digitalization of port processes, the implementation of electronic free trade by the Authorities, the implementation of shifts to speed up the movement of cargo, among others. These two transcendental events motivated the region’s port systems to implement modernization projects that were not planned for the time, and therefore make very significant investments that, in the long run and out of necessity, have significantly improved this activity of vital importance for the countries of the region. Why does CAMAE sponsor Trans-Port? The Trans-Port International Congress has been taking place for several years. We consider it to be a very important international event, which has been consolidating year after year, and for this reason the Maritime Chamber of Ecuador thought it appropriate to be a facilitator for its dissemination among our members and all communities related to maritime and port activity in Ecuador. This in order for them to receive the invitation and learn about the topics to be discussed in the field of Digitalization and Sustainability and its challenges in the sector. What are your expectations for the exhibition to be held in Santiago de Chile? 2020 was an atypical year worldwide due to the effects of the pandemic. It had a great impact in all areas, especially in the global economy and, of course, in the maritime port activity. This forced the implementation of changes in the current regulations of each country, as well as modifications and implementation of new internal processes to maintain the flow of foreign trade. These experiences need to be known and disseminated for the benefit of all. The participation in this event of shipping companies, port operators, port terminals, in short, all organizations related to this activity, allow to have at hand in the same opportunity to share the advances of each nation on issues of digitization and sustainability of ports, and the challenges they have faced. CAMAE The Maritime Chamber of Ecuador – CAMAE is a non-profit organization founded in the city of Guayaquil – Ecuador in 1985, with the main objective of contributing to the sustained and sustainable development of maritime and port activity in Ecuador. Its affiliates include port terminals, shipping lines and agencies; cargo port operators, ships and tugboats; container yards… That is, the actors of the sector that drive the development of this industry. We provide them with permanent advice and timely information, whether of a legal or informative nature, and we represent them before control and regulatory agencies in order to mediate in issues that affect them. Through the CAMAE EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, the entity offers technical training services- specialized on maritime, logistics, customs and port issues, as well as those that may have an impact on our industry.